Korean Dramas

So since it is the week before finals, you can be assured that I have found something nerdy to watch in order to procrastinate on all the assignments I am already behind on. And that is Korean Dramas.

I have never really watched one before, which is shocking to me since I really enjoy non-American media (aka, Spanish music, anime, etc). But, since I’ve now started the adventure of exploring this genre, I will share my quick thoughts of the first four I have seen (can’t spend too long because I got to get back to those essays). I’ve been watching a lot of shorter ones (ones that are under 20 minutes per episode instead of about an hour long) to “not spend as much time watching Korean dramas when I should be writing an essay.” It’s not working that well. I normally watch the entire show in one or two sittings.

  1. Secret Garden:

Secret Garden

Basically: Rich CEO falls in love with poor stunt woman, and people don’t like that.

I really enjoyed this one at first because of how strong the female lead was. Sadly, that sort of faded away as the show continued. For the opposite, I did not like the whole “they change bodies” thing that they did at first. That was until I realized why it really is important to the plot, then it somewhat more tolerable and was actually kind of sweet.

Overall, I really enjoyed the show and the growth of the main guy. I mean, at times it seems like he was the same, but you can tell he changes over time. The ending was cute but not perfect, which was nice.

2. Nine Seconds – Eternal Love (On Netflix!)

9 seconds

Basically: new girl in town meets a boy who is going blind, friendship and love is the result.

This one was only seven episodes long. And I cried. I loved it, but I cried. In a way, I wish I didn’t see the last one because the sixth episode ends the show so well. I thought the whole thing was super cute, and I would for sure watch it again. This one may be my favorite out of the four. I can’t even describe it, it’s just super cute and sad at the same time.


3. One Sunny Day

one sunny day

Basically: two single people end up in the same place and they continue to have to be in each other’s presence.

I liked this one because I spent the entire time cheering for the girl. You know right away that they’re going to fall in love, and you have to endure how every many episodes there are until they do. Overall, I thought it was super cute and awkward.


4. High End Crush

High end crush

Basically: another rich guy, entertainment manager or something, falls in love with a poor girl, whom he wants to add to his company.

As with Secret Garden, I really like the girl’s attitude at the beginning. But, this story is also a super cute love story and I was happy at the end. Also, seeing the guy change throughout the show was nice. The friendship between the other people in the studio and the girl was really important to me and I’m glad it was included. This show was funny at times, frustrating at others, but the end is good.



Strangely, I’m normally not a huge romance person. Also strange is that these were all hetero romances. I normally like to have a mix; I am bisexual after all. But, I would suggest all of these dramas to those needing something cute to watch to avoid all that final work. And now I shall go back to avoiding my homework by hopefully not falling into the trap of watching another drama. (I actually just finished Your Lie in April (anime) today, in which I cried. It was amazing too.)

*photos taken from mydramalist.com


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