DanganRonpa Part One: Why You Should play or Watch this


I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite nerdy things of all time.


dg-header.jpg                Danganronpa-2-Goodbye-Despair.jpg

Now, while you struggle to pronounce it, I’ll explain to you what it is. Danganronpa (DR) is a Japanese video game series. There are two main games, DR: Trigger Happy Havoc, and DR 2: Goodbye Despair, which are what I’m going to focus on for now. There is a third spin off game which is a very different style called DR Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls. Since I honestly haven’t finished watching this one, I won’t be talking about it for now.

There are manga, novels, and anime adaptions of this series. I haven’t read the manga yet, but I plan to. If they’re any good, I’ll talk about them in another post. But, I write this because a new anime, DR 3: The End of Hope’s Peak Academy, is airing soon. It has two parts that will air at the same time; Side: Future, and Side: Despair. The first is a “conclusion” to the main storyline of the two games, while the second is a prequel to the second game.

Disclaimer before we begin: there was an anime adaption of the first game. Don’t watch it. There is no way twelve episodes can capture everything the game has to offer. Watch a gameplay, please, or play it yourself (both games are on steam now!). It’s long to watch and play, but it’s so worth it. Plus, if you only watch it, you won’t know anything about the second game’s story, and then the new anime won’t make any sense. Seriously, just watch the gameplay or play it. I promise it’s worth it.

So now that you’re wondering what this amazing game is, I’ll share a little about the first game to convince you further to look into it. The first game follows a student named Makoto Naegi, who is a student at a famous school, Hope’s Peak Academy. The second games follows a similar but different plain male character, but in a different location.

However, Naegi is soon trapped along with fourteen other new students by a robotic bear Monokuma_render_by_zerosilver100-d6raslq.pngnamed Monokuma.

See, doesn’t he look cute? Well, he’s actually a sadistic killer who enjoys torturing people, and you have no idea who is controlling him or what he’s planning. However, he gives the students a chance to escape from the school.

All they have to do is kill another student, and get away with it. Which means, surviving a class trial where everyone is trying to figure out who the killer is. If the majority choose the killer, then the killer dies and they all live. If the killer doesn’t get caught, then they live and everyone else dies. The second game has a similar premise.

So, you, Naegi, go along with your life in this messed up school. You have normal time, where you interact and get to know your classmates, and then mystery time, when a body is found and you go around and try to gather clues for the trial. After mystery time, everyone enters the trail, where you must choose who committed the crime.Danganronpa1

Both games are honestly so suspenseful and the characters are so great. The story is amazing. You quickly get attached to certain characters and hope they live while getting annoyed with others and hoping they die (maybe that’s just me). You want to know what happens as soon as a body is found, and it keeps you intrigued until the very end as you pray you made the right choice. If you’re looking for a mystery game, this is the perfect game for you. Plus, if you don’t like blood, all the blood is pink instead of red, so it’s not as creepy but also really creepy.

The very end of the games have nice twists, though the end of the first game I found is better, but I enjoyed the second game overall more. Don’t look up anything, and I mean anything, beforehand or while you’re experiencing it. It can either trick you or ruin the surprises. While the two games have gaps in the story that obviously need more explanation, I think these new animes are going to be what gives us that. Here’s to hoping one of my favorite characters is actually alive still so I can ship him with my absolute favorite character.


Go play or watch these games! You’ve got a week or so until the new animes begin to premiere. If anyone has seen or played them before, let’s talk about them because I could go on and on about wild theories or talk about certain trials or characters.

There is also hopefully going to be a third game released sometime this year, which is supposed to be a sequel/something new. I’m super pumped about all of this.

*Not sure where the pictures come from because they’ve been in a folder on my computer for months. My apologies to the artists.


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