Places to go in Sevilla, España Part 1

Since I’m going to be here for about four months, I’ve been writing down all the places I go (which I highly suggest to anyone studying or traveling abroad). Sevilla is a huge city and has so much history and beautiful places to visit. I’m lucky to live in Triana Oeste, which is very close to the center of the city, so I get to explore a lot. But, I’ve only been here a week or so, so I haven’t seen it all by a longshot.

If you like Churros:14224757_1058892494160559_6075836526591040727_n.jpg

Across the river from Triana to Santa Cruz on the bridge Puente de Isabelle II, which is a beautiful bridge by the way, is a small stand right by the river called los especiadades. We stopped there one night and had the most delicious churros y chocolate for 4 euros that I’ve ever had. It’s a must if you want a chocolatey treat.

If you like Game of Thrones:

14291729_1061373337245808_6957699395979603_nOr even just old castles. You have to visit the Real Alcázar de Sevilla. It’s huge! I went on a tour with my classmates and we didn’t even see it all. So much history here and so much to see. A great example of the unique architecture southern Spain has to offer with its mix of Moorish and Catholic influences. I took so many pictures because it was so beautiful.

If you like Star Wars:

Or old palaces, visit La Plaza de España. It is so huge and so beautiful, it leaves you speechless. I’ll leave you to learn its story on your own!

14264027_1058928737490268_6327254796176389623_n              14212596_1058929037490238_5429299258128845474_n

Need a coffee place to relax at:14237487_1059892254060583_7385503504286092592_n.jpg

I haven’t had a chance to visit many cafés yet, but the one I did go to is called Torch. It was reasonably priced, the coffee was great, it’s near the center of the city, and if you buy something you get an hour of free Wi-Fi. Would suggest over a Starbucks.

14184505_1058152667567875_7775276359320988698_n.jpgLike old schools:
The Universidad de Sevilla is beautiful. From what I’ve heard, it was an old tobacco factory. I’ve only been in it a few times but it’s a building worth seeing. (one of my classes is going to be here and I’m so excited) The students there are really friendly but probably won’t speak a lot of English. There are also a lot of things to check out near the university too.



I was in Madrid for a layover so I was able to visit a little of the city. We went to the region of Barajas. There was the cutest café there called Pan y Café General, which I highly recommend. The orange juice is amazing and the workers are really friendly. The other place we went was  across the street to a bar called Al Traste, which had the best sangria I’ve had so far while in Spain.



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