Places to go in Sevilla, España Part 2

I feel like this blog is going to turn into a travel blog for the next couple months as I continue to explore Europe (I just bought plane tickets to visit Berlin in November and I’m so excited). Since I’ve only had one class so far I’ve still had a ton of time to explore Sevilla and even places outside of Sevilla (which will be talked about in another blog post don’t worry!) So here are more places I think you should visit if you come to this beautiful city that has stolen my heart.

Need a place to relax?:

14355542_1068513276531814_1137603586431702075_n.jpgSo this park is called el parque de los principes. It’s in Triana so it may be a little bit of a walk if you’re staying in the center of the city but for me it’s only a ten minute walk from my home. However, it’s so beautiful. I spent a few hours there on a Sunday morning writing by the pond. Very quiet and peaceful.

How to get around Sevilla:14333105_1063038297079312_3414897767380443125_n.jpg

Since the city is so huge there are plenty of buses, trains, etc. to help you get where you need to go. For one trip I decided to take the Metro, which reminded me a lot of Bart in San Francisco. I would highly recommend it if it goes somewhere near where you want to go. It’s pretty cheap and is very quick and easy.

14432930_1068513729865102_338389658270486747_nWant something sweet?: 

So there are gelato (helato) places everywhere here. While walking with my friend to her house after class, we’ve stopped at a little place called Rayas a few times. The helato is amazing and it’s not very expensive for a scoop on a cone (2 euros). This is a chain restaurant so you can find multiple locations 14457265_1068512259865249_5249775134280185720_n.jpgthroughout the city.

Bar to watch a game at:

One night my friend wanted to see if we could find her
college’s American football game on TV somewhere. We ended up at a bar called Phoenix Pub and it ended up not having her game but a different game was on so we watched that. It was a little loud inside but the Quesadilla and papas braves were really good.

Want a nice walk/Want to see cats:

Walking on the Santa Cruz side of the river is really pretty. You get to look at the river and other landmarks. It’s perfect for a bike ride, run, or if you’re like me and hate exercise, a peaceful walk. Plus, in between the Triana (Puente de Isabel) and the Puente de S. Telmo, there are stray cats that hang around.

14449724_1068513579865117_716530898645108301_n   14390748_1068513469865128_2174508895969439844_n.jpg

Extra: Walk under the Triana Bridge at night. It looks so beautiful. And there were people fishing, which I found interesting. We also made friends with the ducks.




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