Fall Anime 2016: What I’m Going to Watch

The descriptions are from anichart.net. These are little descriptions and my opinions on soon to be airing anime I will try to watch this season. There weren’t many I was interested in (which may be a good thing since I have no time) due to many being not the first season of the show.

Bloodivores: Supernatural97591-mbag0mutayhn

This anime is about vampires created accidentally from the side effects of a medicine to cure insomnia. The MC is half human, half vampire and tries to solve mysteries of “Blue Town,” the place where the vampires were created.

I’m interested in this one solely because they call the MC “the child of hope,” which makes me think of Danganronpa.

Flip Flappers: Action, Sci-Fi


Two girls meet in a dimension called “Pure Illusion,” and they team up to search for a crystal that can grant any wish. They can transform into magical girls?

I think this one will be super cute, and the picture for it makes me think I’ll like the art style. I’ll need a light hearted anime to watch and I think this will be it.

21627-3vw8bz82vfeg.jpgGirlish Number: Slice of Life

A college girl who wants to be a voice actress.

There wasn’t much description for this one, but I think it could be cute and lighthearted. I’ll give it a shot, but I’ll probably fall behind on it unless it really captures my attention.

msik_bg_fixMahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku: Fantasy, Thriller

There can only be 8 magical girls, 16 fight to win, and it becomes dangerous.

I like this because once again, kinda reminds me of Danganronpa. But also, killer magical girls? Sign me up. Way different than normal magical girl series.

21838-CgtLwt4WPbXd.pngShuumatsu no Izetta: Action, History, Military

Country is at war.

Not really a lot of information on this one. Looks a little gay to me, so I’m in.

21741-rzxKxBsZHRXL.jpgTouken Ranbu: Hanamaru: Fantasy

Some people are trying to change history, these people are trying to stop them.

This seems interesting enough. The word “cheerful” in the description caught my attention. Not sure if it’s going to be funny or lighthearted, so I’ve give it a shot.

Since there aren’t really a lot to say about these, I’m basically going on the short descriptions I found. If you’re going to watch any other airing anime and think I should too, let me know!

*featured picture from myanimelist.net, the rest are from anilist.net

Edit: Here are my first impressions of these animes: Part 1 and Part 2


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