Hope Has Returned!

My thoughts on Danganronpa 3 – Hope side.


Oh my god. I’ve seen a lot of people hate on this episode, but I am literally so happy. Danganronpa always ends on this weird sense of hope after a lot of despair and I think this fit well with the rest of the series since this is the “end,” so there isn’t the dread of the future that the other endings have.

I loved the part where the 77th class appeared to help Mitarai. Honestly, I’m glad it wasn’t Naegi that changed his mind. It was the class that he never felt a part of. Mitarai felt guilty for leading them into despair and they still accepted him. Plus the part where the imposter comforted him, I was ready to cry. And then he dropped his phone into the water, and went to go eat with everyone else. I think together the 77th class can all heal together, which is really touching. Honestly so glad they’re all alive.

The 77th class seems so much closer too, which is so perfect because of what they went through during the second game. Mikan is accepted and loved and she seems happier and healthier and they even rush to her side when she falls and even Saionji thanks her (this was a ramble, but I never really liked Mikan as a character, but I’m glad she’s happy now). Komeda is still strange but also seems to be more comfortable too. Also, that part with Chiaki!!! AHHH!!! Beautiful. I’m glad she wasn’t forgotten about.

I’ve also seen a lot of hate about Kirigiri coming back to life. I actually think this is really cool and very much like her. She was smart enough to fake her death, even though it could actually kill her if she didn’t get help soon after, instead of tell Naegi ahead of time. She knew her “death” would be what inspired him and it worked. Plus, Naegi is the luckiest person (besides Komeda), of course the love of his life can’t actually die.

I also enjoyed what I saw as the improvement in Souda, Sonia, and Gundam’s characters. It was really small but it was something. Sonia and Souda have a complication relationship, and while I really ship Gundam and Sonia, I do want Souda and Sonia to be friends. Sonia realizes how terrible she was to Souda, and I think now they respect each other more. I honestly wouldn’t want them to date even if Gundam had died just because Souda idolized her too much, to the point where it isn’t her but his image of her that he liked. The two have been destructive to each other and I don’t think real love should come from that, but a close friendship I think is possible now.

Some people were disappointed with Munakata’s ending. One criticism I saw was it being implied that Naegi is going to be the next headmaster of Hope’s Peak (to which I say, isn’t he a little young for that?). While yes, it was Munakata’s dream, I think he has a lot of soul searching and healing to do before he does anything leader-wise again. He’s got to deal with the death of his two closest friends and come to closure with his past. I think the little screen time he had was good (the episode was only 23 minutes). I’m glad he talked to Naegi at the end and seems to have entrusted Naegi to go forth with Naegi’s plan of hope.

A lot of people also wanted to see something about the 78th class. I don’t know, I kinda think that this wasn’t really their story, besides the ones who survived. The ones who died are really dead, unlike the 77th class (besides Chiaki). If it were longer, I think it would have been cool to mention them (I was glad they showed up when Naegi fell into despair; that was cool). But for this short episode, I was fine with them being left out. (There could have been a short showing of a memorial to them and the other dead students at the new school, but once again, very short episode with a lot that needed to be covered).

Even with all the plot holes (no show is perfect), I am happy with the ending. Keep in mind these are my opinions, but I’d love to peacefully discuss them with people! I would have loved to get more background on the other future foundation characters, especially the ones who died very early one. Maybe more manga will come out about them. Now to wait in despair till next year for DRV3.

*cover image by  on tumblr.


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