Fall Anime First Impressions: Part 1 of 2

About a week ago, I made a list of all the fall airing anime I was going to try to watch. Since some of the animes have aired their first episodes, I’m going to share my thoughts on three of them now (the other three in another post) and decide if I’m going to continue watching them. I will not be doing this all season. (Spoilers ahead).

If you want to see my list and what I thought about the little information we got before the animes aired, the post is here.

Flip Flappers:


This first episode started out with a countdown, which is a little mysterious but yet attention grabbing. To start off, I liked the art style, a lot. I’m not quite sure how to describe it though. More basic or simple than most new anime, yet still colorful and pretty? The characters are drawn well and uniquely and the background is not as detailed but still nice to look at. I also enjoyed the opening song and its visuals.

Now for the actual episode. So far it seems like the main character is a normal student having to think about her future, which she’s unsure of. She goes off to think, and she goes into this blocked off area (to which I’m like, why would you do that?). She meets another girl, who is obviously not normal. She has a hoverboard, she acts more childish, she knows about the world they go to and the treasure they should find. The question is who are the people working with her and where did she come from, and why? The “boss” seems questionable.

Overall, I liked the episode. There were some weirdly sexual kind of moments that I was a little confused about and uncomfortable with. That and the pink haired girl’s clothing…why? There is also a hint of romance between the two girls? Kinda wondering how old they are. It ended with the main girl not wanting to be main character, as usual. I’m sure that’ll be resoved by the end of the next episode and they’ll begin the treasue hunt. Besides that, I found it interesting enough to continue watching for now. The ending song was also really cute.

Final thoughts: Episode was good. Will continue.


maxresdefault (1).jpg

This anime started off with what could be an opening theme. While the visuals caught my attention, the song was a little quieter and underwhelming that I would expect and that threw me off a little. The actual show begins right away with action, and by action I mean a car chase by police. The two main characters are speeding away and the guy even has the girl throw bombs out the window. This caught my attention and made me curious enough to keep watching.

Then the episode goes into world building; explaining what bloodivores are. Or well, we get a little bit answered. In the end, we’re really left with more questions than when we started. Why were fifteen civilians killed when it wasn’t one of the four main characters? How did the three meet the girl and why are they doing these crimes? Makes sense for a first episode though. While I understand why they did the skipping around of the time, I didn’t like it.

I’m not sure how I feel about the main character so far. He seems like a laid back leader and seems overly talented and confident while also being righteous in the sense that he doesn’t want to kill anyone but wants to rebel against his father, the society, and his title as child of hope. I really want to know why he is called the child of hope when the humans clearly don’t like the vampires.

At the end of the episode, we get the mother question thrown in and see a bit of the broken relationship between father and son. Since I know at least the main character isn’t going to die, I am curious enough to watch the next episode and see how they get out of the situation they’re in. We’ll see if I make it past the three episode test.

Final thoughts: Episode was okay. Will continue for now.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku:


Starts off with blood and a bunch of dead magical girls. Perfect. The opening song was a little too cheerful for the type of anime this is going to be but it was good. We get to see what I think is all sixteen of the magical girls. I’m trying to not to choose favorites now because I know it’ll be like Danganronpa, all my favorites will die (too late).

This episode is pretty simple. The girl becomes a magical girl through the game, which we saw coming. I think it’s really cute that she has always wanted to be a magical girl. I thought it was interesting that they paid so much attention towards the quiet ninja magical girl, I’m sure she’ll be important later.

Overall, I really liked this episode. I have a feeling it’s going to be a shorter anime since the main girl became a magical girl so quickly. I also like that the magical girls aren’t typical magical girls; one is more like a ninja and another a witch, as the main girl says. I loved the cute little plot twist that came towards the end of the episode with her friend.

That last line though. “There’s not much that could threaten a magical girl.” That foreshadowing. Seems like next episode is when we’re going to see the game really begin. I’d have to say this was my favorite so far, and I am excited for the next episode.

Final thoughts: Loved the episode. Can’t wait for more.

*Edit: Here is Part 2 of this post!


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