Places to go outside of Sevilla, España (Day trips)

This is going to be longer than most of my other posts. I wanted to share where I’ve been so far outside of my host city (Sevilla), what I thought of where I went, what I did, etc. this is basically to convince you to go to these places too should you find yourself in southern Spain.

Cadiz – about 1 hour 20 mins away from Sevilla

14485003_1070806959635779_4627897217860367973_nCadiz is a cute little beach town in southern Spain, however there is so much more than just the ocean. The history of the city is so interesting. I would highly suggest finding a tour that talks about it and shows you the large statue in the plaza de españa. While walking around the town, we went to a huge, old marketplace Mercado, central de abastos, in the plaza libertad. It was interesting to walk through; there is so much seafood! We even tried these little shrimp things that were hard to eat at first because they looked strange but were pretty crunchy and good. Another pretty place to visit in the center of the city is the plaza de las flores.

We also went to the Cathedral de Cadiz, which is beautiful. The plaza around it has lots of restaurants if you get hungry. We got to climb up the bell tower (let me warn you now, it’s a climb. I wasn’t expecting it, and my legs hurt afterwards), and the view at the top was amazing. It was worth the hike, but I don’t know if I’d do it again; a once in a lifetime view for me.


But of course, we went to the beach, playa de la caleta. This beach has two castles nearby that my friend and I checked out (for free). The one that was my favorite was Castillo de San Sebastion. You have to walk a little ways out to as it’s in its own little area. Also, we could swim in the water! It was incredible (I’m used to the chilly northern California pacific water). The beach was a little crowded but not too bad.

Pokemon go (new Pokémon for me): I found a voltorb and a magnemite here

Granada – about three hours away from Sevilla

Granada is an amazing place to visit but it is a litter further than Sevilla, so I would suggest an overnight trip for this one. It has the same older style as Sevilla (and most of southern Spain) but it is a lot hillier than Sevilla is. One unique part of Granada that is when you go to a tapa restaurant and order a drink, your table gets a free tapa. During our free time, my friends and I walked around the center of Granada. We visited a gift shop called Artesanias medina, which had a lot of touristy things.14469700_1076106962439112_1108632697831847551_n

During our tour, we visited the capilla real de Granada. This is where the catholic monarchs of Spain, Isabelle and Fernando, and their daughter Juana and her husband Philip are buried. You can even go down and see their tombs. This was a super pretty and interesting place, however you aren’t allowed to take pictures inside, which kinda sucks. However, it is still worth a visit. Plus, there are a ton of shops around this area.

14517491_1076107585772383_4841220022153963932_n.jpgWe walked around the barrio del Albaicín while on our walking tour. We ended up at the Mirador de San Nicolas, which is supposed to always have some event going. It had music playing and people selling things when we went. The best part was the view of the Alhambra you get from being there (see picture to the left)

The next morning we visited the Alhambra, an old palace that is one of the most visited places in all of Spain (and Europe!) It is for sure a place to check out, but make sure to plan ahead. Get tickets way in advance if you can, or show up that day super early. It’s difficult to get in. It’s very huge, and took us over three hours to finish our tour. The first part what we saw was the gardens, which are so beautiful, dream house goals. The second part was the actual castles, which were pretty cool.

Pokemon go: I found a magmar here

Ruins de Italica – about twenty minutes away from Sevilla

14448841_1071318646251277_4762911442304143261_n.jpgThe ruins de italic are Roman ruins of a town, Italica, found a little north of Sevilla. I’m not sure how much it costs to get inside the ruins, but I think it’s worth a visit. While this area includes an old town, it also includes a theater, el anfiteatro de Italica, where gladiator fights took place. This was really cool to walk inside and see.14484640_1071317259584749_351164048260902758_n.jpg

Inside the town, all that’s left is mostly walls and a few columns. However, if you have a tour guide, they’ll probably use those walls and columns to explain what the city used to look like. It’s fun to imagine. My favorite part of this area was what is left of the mosaics. There is one that shows the gods that represented the days of the week. (Super interesting side point, in Spanish, the names for the days of the week come from these gods. For example, Saturno for Sabado (Saturday), Marte for Martes (Tuesday). I haven’t had the chance to research this more, but trust me, I’m going to.

Sanlúcar de Barrmeda –  about 1 hr 20 mins from Sevilla

If you like wine, this is the place to go. While here, we went on a tour and tasting at 14639596_1080902568626218_5169487345867899986_n.jpgBarbadillo. The tour explains the unique making of Manzanilla, which is unique to this area of Spain. We tried four wines at the end. I enjoyed the sweeter ones, but that’s just me. In the end, we got a 10% discount on their selection for going on the tour (I’m not sure if everyone gets this but I assume so), and I got a bottle of moscato frizzante for 5.40 euros. I love it, but they don’t sell it in the states and I’m only twenty so I can’t bring any back.

After this, we went to the beach. I’m not sure what the name of the beach is, but it was at the end of Avenue Calzada Duquesa Isabel. However, here it wasn’t deep enough to swim in, but the water was even warmer than in Cadiz. On the beach there were so many shells, so if you’re into collecting shells, this is the place to go. The beach was also pretty empty here.

My friend and I ate at a restaurant called Los Corrales, which had large plates of food for14485024_1080903261959482_8325519710183838632_n.jpg pretty cheap. I had chicken, a fried egg, and potatoes for 6 euros. I wasn’t even able to finish it all, but it was amazing. The one thing we couldn’t stop talking about was how quiet and pretty this area was. It was so peaceful and made our stop for lunch really enjoyable.

Pokemon go: I found a haunter and a shellder here

These are just a few places outside of Sevilla worth visiting. Honestly, there’s so much to see, I’m not sure I’m going to see even half of what I want to while I’m here. While I think visiting Sevilla is super important because it’s an amazing city, if you come here, visit other places too!


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