New Game! Anime Review

My roommate suggested this anime to me when it started premiering last season. I immediately watched the four episodes that were out and fell in love with the show right away. However, I got busy and forgot about it, so I didn’t finish it until yesterday.

New game is about a girl, Aoba, just out of high school that goes to work for a video game80417.jpg company instead of going to college. She’s short and looks younger than she is, which is mentioned repeatedly throughout the show. This show is a slice of life comedy. *Spoilers!

First off, this anime is job goals. Working at a video game company of all females? (seriously there’s not a single guy as a main or side character) Count me in. Plus they have a cat in the office. It’s the perfect job even if it’s not realistic. I mean, come on. Getting a job right out of high school in a professional field like this? If only! I loved that this anime didn’t have guy characters because it’s almost a critique of the “only guys make/play video game” idea. Sure, these girls are silly, but they manage to make a bestselling game in the end. Girls can do anything!

This anime was funny and cute; that’s why I really enjoyed it. There is an overarching goal, which is to create the video game on time. We do get to see a glimpse of the video game industry from this anime; it’s nice to see characters in a professional (kind of) setting for a slice of life anime instead of in school. Though, the real episode to episode plots are normally more personal to the characters. They are ridiculous at times but also funny. It’s lighthearted for the most part. It’s what you expect for a short slice of life anime; the plot is a little all over the place.

I do have a lot of critiques about the characters even though I enjoyed them. Her childhood friend, Nene, is a little annoying, which is just my personal taste. I know she was meant to be a contrast to Aoba and show how they are both childish and bring out more emotional moments about friendship, but I didn’t enjoy seeing her on screen as much as I did others. In reality, most of the characters are childish, but with the others I didn’t find it as annoying.

Another character that bothered me even though I loved her was Yun. She was constantly worrying about her weight, which I found really repetitive and almost sending a toxic message at times. I didn’t find the parts that brought it up funny.

One of my favorite things about the characters was that the dynamic between all of them was perfect. Their personalities clashed as they were all unique, but they were still a team in the end. The characters are archetypes, but I found some of them did grow by the end of the series, so it was okay. And again, it’s a slice of life anime. I wasn’t expecting too much. In reality, I love most of the characters even with their faults. Sadly there aren’t any official couples, which would have been awesome if there were. (Maybe there are in the manga? I may end up reading the manga to see what happens after the end of the anime).

The artwork of the show overall was amazing and colorful. Each of the characters had cute designs and were animated well. There was a little bit of fan service in the show, which I wasn’t surprised by since it’s an all-girl cast. I don’t think it needed it at all, but not much I can do about it.


Since this is a 12 episode anime, I was ready to be disappointed at the end by an incomplete conclusion. However, this anime surprised me. I loved the ending, a lot. It was emotional and showed the growth of the main two characters. I almost cried! It was nice to be emotional over something like this rather than a character death. It was satisfying and tied up most of the story (at least the main one). I’d love a season 2, but I won’t be too disappointed if it never happens.

Overall, this is an anime I would watch again and recommend to others. If you need a short, lighthearted anime to laugh at, give this a try.


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