RWBY Grimm Eclipse: Video Game Review

RWBY is an animated web show produced by Rooster Teeth. The game, released on steam, contains the four main characters from the show.

As a huge fan of the show, I have some mixed feelings about the game. I didn’t get it for a while when it first came out because of the price (I’m a broke college student). However, I eventually gave in after my partner said they enjoyed it.

There are a lot of things I like about the game. For one, I love that I can use my Xbox 360 controller to play. I haven’t tried it using my keyboard, but the Xbox 360 controller is a good choice. I like that this game is a little bit of a challenge for me as I’m not used to playing with the controller. Overall, once you get used to the character’s moves, it gets easier. The last level is a little rough the first time, but as it should be. I also really enjoy the multiplayer option; I play with my partner and their friend. Playing with them when I first started helped because I got to get used to the moves while leveling up and not dying all the time.

My favorite character from team RWBY to play as is Blake. I think she has the best, diverse move set out of the four. Wiess is my second favorite, followed by Ruby and then Yang. I haven’t played Yang as much, so she could still grow on me. I love that the game has random sayings by the real voice actors that fit the characters.

The world is pretty. It’s not super detailed, but I enjoy it. The character designs are pretty accurate to the show, just in a little different art style. The monsters are somewhat repetitive, but the boss ones take some thought on how to beat.

However, I can see where the mixed reviews come in. For one, it’s a little expensive. Right now, the game is $19.99, but I got it for $14.99 and still thought it was a little much. That, and you have to pay $4.99 for the four extra characters. You should too, they’re so worth it. I’ve only played as Rin and Nora so far, but their moves are awesome. Since the game is still in development (I think?), I hope they can upgrade team RWBY to be as awesome as Team JNPR. If not, I’ll be a little disappointed. I would pay maybe $10.00 for this game, but I have games that cost me $10.00 that have a  more to offer.

A big complaint I’ve seen is that the game is repetitive. I can agree with that. There are only ten chapters, each developing on the story. The story is alright, it’s not the best when compared to the show, and it’s short. I guess it makes sense since they put it in the same world but not the same timeline or plot, and they only used a handful of characters. It does get repetitive when you’ve beaten it a few times and even the levels have the same objective most of the time. I find that’s fixed by playing with friends, but not everyone can do that. I sure can’t do it all that often. Now, if they keep releasing characters, (hopefully not for $4.99 a team), that would be cool and I’d for sure keep playing. I’d love to play as Coco’s team.

The moves and fights themselves are also a little repetitive. I mostly make the same combos multiple times and sometimes use the long distance moves. I see why many people don’t like it; it’s not the best game by a long shot. There are glitches sometimes because it’s still not a complete game.

Overall, I’m glad I have the game. But, I probably would wait to buy it until it goes on sale if you haven’t already gotten it. It’s not a game I play all the time, but I enjoy it every once in a while when I need a fighting monsters game. I think it has a lot of potential, but I’m not sure how much more work they’re going to put into it.

You can get this game on Steam, and you can watch the show on or Youtube. I highly suggest watching the show; I’ll probably make a post about it once this volume finishes airing.


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