My Adventures in Berlin and Cordoba


To describe my trip to Germany in one word: Cold. After living in Spain for so long, I had 20161125_121028forgotten what the cold was like. Let’s just say, Spain doesn’t seem that cold anymore. If you’re planning to go, dress warmly!

I have to say, the best part of my trip was being able to see my friend who is studying there for the semester. She showed me around, helped me buy things since I don’t speak German (though, most of the venders there spoke English), and navigate the incredibly useful public transport. I really enjoyed seeing a familiar face and having someone to talk to who has known me longer than a few months (that’s not to say I don’t love my friends here!).

For the actual city: it was beautiful. We visited a lot of the touristy stuff since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to see. We saw a part of the wall, the cathedral, a ton of monuments in remembrance of world war two, the Torre, the river, and other stuff I know I’m forgetting. I’d highly suggest seeing all of them.

20161125_123543.jpgMy favorite thing that we saw was actually one of the monuments. It was outside of the older universities library. The Nazis had a book burning near this area, so this is to remember that. It’s hard to find, but you look down through a square of glass in the ground to see a small room. The room is completely empty besides the white bookshelves, which are also empty. As an English major, and lover of books, this sends a powerful image. It reminded me of dystopian political books like Farenheight 451.20161126_164701

We also went to many Christmas markets, which I loved. I’m not normally a ‘let’s celebrate the holidays!’ kind of person. I normally hate hearing Christmas music until a week or two before. However, I loved these markets and I’m so ready for Christmas now. The one thing I’m really looking forward to when I go home in three weeks is spending Christmas with my family and friends. We went to the market at night and the lights gave it a Hogwarts feel. While it was pretty crowded and cold, a cup of hot cholate made the night perfect.

Another thing I loved about Berlin was the food. We had snowballs, dumo, currywrost, sausages, bread and cheese, waffles with nutella, chocolate, roasted chestnuts, and more that I’m probably forgetting (excuse my bad spelling, I can’t remember the names clearly). Overall, I’d love to go back and see more of the city when it’s a little warmer.


15349695_1131725986877209_7753237798065694341_n.jpgMy friend and I ended up deciding to go here Thursday night, so we bought bus tickets to go the next morning. We both had wanted to visit here all semester, especially since it’s so close (only 2 hours away by bus, and the bus only cost us 25 euros round trip!), but we didn’t think we’d have the time. I’m so glad we did.

Going at this time of the year was perfect: it wasn’t too cold and the leaves had turned so it was so pretty to see. We first walked around the Jewish quarter of the city, visiting a statue we took selfies with, before going to the mosque-cathedral.


It was 8 euros to get in but was so worth it. The building is so huge and breathtaking and it seems as if every time we turned we saw something new. I took so many pictures.

After, we walked down to the river. We crossed the bridge just to look around, and it was 15317919_1131722410210900_2900424879988799566_n.jpgbeautiful. We went to a tapas place for lunch. As always, would recommend the patatas bravas, it’s always our fave. We visited the alcazar and got in on a discount for being students, but it wasn’t too expensive either way.

Towards the end of the day, we walked around the park and visited a few markets. We had chocolate filled churros, which were amazing. We also had tacos in a market which was a nice break from Spanish food and a reminder of the Mexican food that’s waiting for me back in California.

If you’re thinking about going here, do it! It was a beautiful city and I loved it a lot.



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