Steam Winter Sale Recommendations

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve last posted since I’ve been busy moving from Spain back to California and dealing with the jetlag. However, one of my favorite parts of winter is video games and the sales that come with them. (I just got Overwatch and Pokemon Sun!)

So since Steam has just started their winter sale, which goes on until Jan 2, 2017, I wanted to recommend some games that I loved. I have already written posts on many of them so the descriptions will be shorter.

*Normal prices are first, followed by the sale price, and then the percent off. All of the prices are based on what steam has listed.

  1. Bastion ($14.99 -> $2.99, 80%)


If you haven’t read my review of this game, click here. I loved this game for the amazing story and the fun gameplay, so I would highly recommend. As I said in my post, if you like rpg games with pretty artwork, cool weapons, and a beautiful story, then you might love this. It’s not super challenging or even super long (took me about six hours), but it’s captivating and enjoyable even on a second or third playthrough. It has full controller support, so I use my xbox 360 controller.

If you only pick up one game from this sale, I’d hope you pick this one.

  1. Undertale ($9.99 ->$4.99, 50%)


One of the best stories in a game I’ve ever played. It’s the game where you don’t have to kill anyone!

I wrote a post about the lgbt+ inclusion in this game and the mental health awareness, which you can find here. Otherwise, it’s an rpg with a more retro style. It’s challenging, decently long, has three different storylines and really makes you think about the decisions you make. You become attached to the characters, which makes it even more difficult to do a genocide run. Seriously one of the best games from last year.

  1. RWBY: Grimm Eclipse ($19.99 -> 14.99, 25%)


Back when I reviewed this game, post found here, I mentioned that I wouldn’t buy this game unless it was on sale. I haven’t seen it cheaper than this price now, which is what I bought it at. This is another game I like playing with friends. It has full controller support, so I use my xbox 360 controller.

This is a hack and slash game with mixed reviews. It’s not super long or challenging, it can get repetitive, but I find it fun. It’s pretty, it has characters and grimm from the show even though it isn’t a part of the canon. It has a new horde mode which I haven’t tried out yet.

If you do already have the game, now is the perfect time to get the team JNPR addition, which is normally $4.99 and is on sale for $3.74.

  1. Rocket League ($19.99 -> $11.99, 40%)


Very different from the story driven games I usually recommend (didn’t mean to make this pun). This game is cars playing fútbol (soccer), as wild as that sounds. You control a car with one, two, or none, teammates against an opposing team and try to score goals using boasts or your own skill. It’s perfect for parties or hangouts with friends. It has full controller support, so I use my xbox 360 controller.

  1. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive edition ($19.99 -> $9.99, 50%)


This game is visually stunning. The story is touching and emotional. It’s a platformer game that gets more difficult as you gain more skills. With the new definitive editions it’s even longer and adds more abilities. It has full controller support, so I use my xbox 360 controller.

  1. Danganronpa 1 &2 ($29.99 each -> $17.99 each, 40%; $59.98 -> $32.38, 46% for both)

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Here is my post where I try to convince you to play these games. If that isn’t convincing enough to buy them now, there is a third game coming out next year! Plus, who doesn’t love a good murder mystery? Especially one with an evil bear and pink blood.

In this games there are two modes. You are either in the story mode where you interact with other classmates and get to know them, or you’re in trial mode. Trial mode has two parts. First you investigate the murder that has occurred, then you go to trial to find out who is guilty.

Honorable mentions: Bioshock Series, Transistor, Papers Please

Let me know if there are games you’d recommend that I get while they’re on sale! I’m still deciding which games I’m going to buy. Right now I’m considering: Brothers, a tale of two sons; Tales of Zestiria; Beyond Eyes; Dust; and Moon Hunters. Happy gaming!


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