Pokemon Sun: First Impressions

Since I was in Spain when this game was released I didn’t get the chance to pick it up until Christmas. I tried to avoid as many spoilers as I could, besides seeing the starter’s evolutions so I could decide which one to choose. (lie, I knew I was going to choose Litten as soon as I saw it, but I decided not to evolve it to its final form.) However, it was worth the wait. I haven’t played through the entire game yet, but I’m already loving it. It’s different enough from the other games to make it refreshing without being too different. For now, I’ll talk about my first impressions and general thoughts about the game, so ***Spoilers.

The first part of the game was long. For a prologue, it was a little too long for me. I felt like 9e06c93e44eb0d447721083b38c98a51.jpgI had to do a lot more before I actually set off on my journey than normal. Yet, the story was intriguing enough to keep me going, just not for too long. The first thing that really intrigued me was the trial system instead of gyms. They still include one type of Pokémon for each trial, which is similar to gyms. Instead of battling a few trainers and then a gym leader, sometimes going through puzzles and mazes, you have to do whatever the trail leader wants you to do and then defeat their prized Pokémon. I thought that the first couple trials were a little too easy, but they are getting a little tougher so I hope they continue to do so. (Lillie and female trainer, Picture by papa desu on taringa)

Included in the trials are the Z-crystals, which is a system similar to mega evolution. You get a bracelet and you give each Z-crystal to a Pokémon with the matching type, and you only get to use it one time in each battle. I like this because unlike the badges these actually help you along with your journey. They are really helpful when you’re stuck in a tough situation. Plus, the dances you have to do are kinda adorable.

62d1f311aeaf3245213fe2edc9c1286a.jpgFor the world, it’s very pretty. I love the advancements in design and graphics that each game gets. However, there aren’t a lot of 3D moments in the game, which I thought was strange. Not that there needs to be a ton, but they are hardly any. Back to design, I love that the character you play has a little bit of customization; at least in skin, eye, and hair color; and hair style. I don’t like that you can’t see the hair color and style before you buy them, but that’s easy to look up online. Being able to buy clothing to dress your character up in is cool and I really love it, but I find myself spending way too much money on it.

Another small thing I love is the new pokedeck, it is literally a Pokémon. The fact that it r-dex.jpgtalks to you is cool, but sometimes I feel like it talks too much and is a little silly at times. I do like that it has a map that helps you find where you need to go, I’m sure it saves me time. I also like that it shows you the percent of completion you have for filling the pokedeck. The new Pokémon and the Aloha forms of old Pokémon are cool, and I like that the game has Pokémon from every generation included. The Aloha forms of old Pokémon was a great way to bring in old Pokémon while also giving us something a little different.

Battling has improved. I think the moves look better and some even fit better with their name. I like the new ways to encounter wild Pokémon like calling for help, bird shadows, meadow attacks, etc. After capturing a Pokémon, you get the choice to add them to your party if you already have six Pokémon with you, which I love. Saves a trip to the Pokémon center.

1c3e18029936cabc5182b6c3303627f7.jpgI like the characters for the most part. Hau (to the left with female trainer, photo by Chibiterasu-chan on Zerochan) is a fun, silly rival and I appreciate his interactions with my character. The professor is funny and helpful, and the scene in the battle place (forgot the name) is hilarious. Lillie is interesting; I wasn’t sure I was going to like her at first since she was a little distant but she’s slowly growing on me. Team Skull is hilarious and a little ridiculous, but they haven’t popped up all that often.

I’ll try to do a final review once I’ve finished the game, at least for what I thought about the story and the after gameplay. Pokémon Sun and Moon are available for the 3DS. It can be bought physically in stores or on the Nintendo store for download.


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