Random Shows That I’m Currently Watching

I decided to do a short blog post about some nerdy things I’m watching but don’t have the time to do a full review for. I’ve been super busy since last weekend was Sacanime and I’m going to be starting work again, but I wanted to let people know about these three amazing shows. I tried to keep it mostly spoiler free (the biggest spoiler I clearly marked so watch for that).

SHIMONETA: A Boring World Where the Concept of Dirty Jokes Doesn’t Exist:

This anime is hilarious and ridiculous. I watched the first couple of episodes with friends and we couldn’t stop laughing. Basically, it’s a show where purity is mandatory and some kids don’t even know how children are made. So this one guy, who is trying to be better than his father, meets this girl who wants to spread dirty jokes and stuff to the sheltered people around her. He’s forced to help her.

This show is rated R+ because of the content, so be warned for that. However, it’s so funny and I highly recommend it to anyone needing a good laugh. It’s only 12 episodes so it’s a quick watch.



This is a Taiwanese drama that is on Netflix and is also a little ridiculous. It’s about a girl who has been forced to appear as a boy until her 26 (I think) birthday, which is about 100 days away. No one can find out she is really a girl. Then she saves this guy who then becomes her sworn brother and things get complicated.

This show is hilarious. My roommate and I watched it for hours on end (there are thirty episodes) and we feel in love with the characters. We were screaming the entire time we watched it. Sadly we couldn’t finish it together, but it was still really enjoyable to watch with someone else. I fell in love with one of the side characters and his love story.

**Spoilers!** One of the things I love about this show is the guy, who ends up falling in love with the girl, has a lot of personal conflicts. He basically has a gay crisis but comes to accept himself and realize that gender doesn’t matter to him because he loves this person either way.



This is a Netflix original dystopian show from Brazil. In this world, only 3% of the population gets to go to the good area, which gets decided when you turn 20 and go through the process. While I find most shows predictable, this one actually had some decent twists in it. I don’t really like the main girl, but the other characters are really complex and interesting. I like that some people you think are going to be main characters are killed. It’s thrilling and captured my attention right away.

It’s diverse too, which is always a plus. The ending has twists that really leave you thinking, and this is a dystopian work that is a social commentary in many ways. I’d love to do a full post on this show, but in the meantime I highly suggest you watch it and then read some of the amazing articles already out there. There are only 8 episodes at about 45 minutes each. I’m pretty sure it’s been confirmed for a second season, which makes up for the wait we have to endure.


Bonus: If you still haven’t seen Stranger Things on Netflix, you should. I’m not normally one for mystery thriller scary whatever shows, but I loved it.

Bonus 2: I’m not normally one to obsess over bands. I enjoy Kpop, but I’ve never been into the fandom culture of it. However, I’ve fallen in love with BTS and Suga. If you haven’t listened to them and you like Kpop, you should.


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