Fun Free Games on Steam

Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything as I’ve been busy working 40 hours a week, but today I’ll be talking about one of my favorite things: free games. These are all free games on Steam that I’ve played somewhat recently. Sometimes it’s hard to find free games that are worth your time, so here are some that I loved and would recommend if you need a new game to pay or have some time to waste.

Princess Remedy in a World of Hurt:

This is a short game that reminds me of old school Gameboy games. You play as a healer premedy2c.pngand your main mission is to get to the sick prince but you heal everyone else along the way. The graphics are simple and the gameplay isn’t too challenging, but isn’t boring. It’s fun to sit down for an hour or so and run through. I really enjoyed it; I thought it was cute and fun with good music. The conversations are humorous and there is a nice variation of enemies. The ending is complete but leaves you wanting more.

If I remember correctly, I played it on my Xbox 360 controller. The sequel to this game is also available on steam for $2.99. I haven’t played it yet, but I hope to soon.

Drop Alive:

This is another short platform game that I enjoyed playing. You play as a little water drop that is adventuring through twelve levels in three different states (liquid, solid, gas). Each 11-1.jpgcome with their own challenges; I thought they had a decent amount of variety to keep it interesting. It gets harder each level, but I enjoyed that. It some levels did take me a decent number of times, but it never got too frustrating that I quit. The game is pretty and the music is good too. I played on my Xbox 360 controller and the controls are easy to grasp.

There isn’t any instruction on what to do, which leaves you having to figure it out on your own. It isn’t too difficult to do, but a little instruction could be nice. Another thing I wish it had was checkpoints as it’s frustrating to start the whole level over again every time you die. This is another casual game that won’t take you too long but is still fun to play.

Eternal Senia:ss_9dec5bf57477703eb8beee4205170c1736c2c888.1920x1080.jpg

This is another game that reminds me of Gameboy rpg games. It’s a simple game where you play as a girl trying to find her sister. The gameplay is simple, but there is a little bit of a challenge. The artwork is nice and the story is interesting. There’s not really a ton to say about this game; it’s a simple rpg game. It’s a good game to kill some time with as you have to grind a little.


This is a retro puzzle adventure game that I found to be pretty fun. You get stuck in a maze that is full of enemies and traps and you use the mini map to help you find your way around. Each level is randomly generated each time you enter it. You have three characters to choose from, each with their own powers. Defeating enemies gives you xp to increase your hit points. You use items you find in the level to help complete it. Sadly, you can only carry two items at a time, and one of them should be the key you need to find in order to complete the level. The story is there, but it’s simple and lighthearted. Not the best game you’ll ever play, but it’s a fun arcade-like game to spend some time on.


Trine is a game that I would actually not recommend as I didn’t enjoy it very much. It’s a Trine-Level-2-Potion-25-and-Secret-21.jpgpuzzle platformer where you play as three different heroes. The graphics are really pretty, but that’s about all I enjoyed. I’m not sure exactly why, but I didn’t like the gameplay and battle system. I found it frustrating and repetitive. Maybe I need to play more to get used to the controls. The story didn’t interest me as much as other games have. Many people seem to like it, and it’s free, so give it a shot if you feel like it, but I probably won’t be playing it again.

Let me know if there are any free games on Steam that you would recommend because I’m always looking for fun free games to play! Also, let me know if you try any of these games out and what you think of them!


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