My Favorite Kpop Groups/Solo Artists Pt 1

I promise, once this disaster of a semester is over, I’ll be posting regularly again. Anyways, to take a break from my pile of assignments to finish, I thought I’d share some of my favorite Kpop groups. My roommates and I have all been getting back into Kpop and I love recommending my favorites to people, especially since I like a lot of groups that aren’t that popular. I’ll be including links to music videos if I like them a lot (I was going to include the videos themselves but it made the post way too long so I just included a link to them and settled for including a picture).

BTS: bts.jpg

BTS is my absolute favorite Kpop group and I could talk about them for hours if you let me. However, to keep it brief, I love this group for their music, their dances, their personalities, and the amount of content and interaction they provide for their fans. Most of them, especially the rap line, help out with writing and producing their songs. Their latest album has a solo song for each of the members that they wrote about personal struggles or experiences. They also release some of their music in Japanese.

Here are some of my favorite songs (I tried to keep this brief and I failed): “Not Today” MV“Blood, Sweat, and Tears” MV“Spine Breaker”“Cypher Pt. 3” Rap Line“Cypher Pt. 4” Rap Line“Lost” Vocal Line;  “Mama” Jhope Solo“Even if I Die, It’s You” Jin and V“Save Me” MV“Silver Spoon/Baepsae” Dance Practice“21st Century Girl” Halloween Dance Practice; ““Outro: Wings”


Agust D: (Suga from BTS)

Yes, this adorable child is also a rap god. I know, it’s hard to believe they’re the same person.

So, my bias from BTS, Suga, released his first mixtape last year. I loved it for his bravery in sharing many personal things that aren’t very accpeted in Korean culture, for example: depression, social anxiety, reality of being a rapper and an idol, etc.

“Agust D” MV“Give it to Me” MV“The Last”


K.A.R.D.: 44b1f4701b602d61338c68408b01e95d.jpg

Kard is a co-ed group (something that isn’t very common in Kpop) that hasn’t even debuted yet, they’ve only done three pre-debut songs, but I think they will be debuting soon. Each of their three songs has a hidden element, one of them including an English version. They’re a super interesting group and concept, and watching the four members react to Latin American music videos was super cute.

“Oh Nana” MV“Don’t Recall” Hidden VersionKARD Reacting to Latin Music


Dreamcatcher: dream-catcher_1484235578_af_org.jpg

This group is new, re-debuting under a different name and adding two new members, and has a different sound than the popular groups. Plus, their dances are amazing, so I’d highly recommend watching their dance practice videos.

Watch these two in order: “Chase Me” MV “Good Night” MV

“Chase Me” Dance Practice“Really Really” Winner Cover“Lucky Strike” Maroon 5 Cover


Pristin: DfYBfvG.jpg

This is a new girl group that just debuted recently. They also did pre-debut projects where they covered other songs. I think they are super cute and their songs get stuck in my head all the time. I can’t wait for their first comeback, especially since we don’t know what kind of concept they will be doing. I could really see them becoming a great self-producing group like Seventeen.

“Wee Woo” MV“Adore U” Seventeen Cover“Wee Woo” Dance 2x Speed


Blackpink: 9825ea2e-14ec-4a7f-b99b-704efa6535b7.jpg

This girl group got so popular so fast after their debut last fall. I love their style. Many international fans like them a lot because they aren’t the typical “cute girl” girl group. They only have four songs, but each of their songs has a really great music video to go with it. I can’t wait for their comeback, which is supposed to be sometime soon.

“Boombayah” MV;“Whistle” MV“Playing With Fire” MV“Stay” MV


Hoody: hoody-likeyou-2.jpg

Hoody is a solo artist signed under Jay Park’s label (the only female and specifically “vocalist” in the rap/hiphop company). She just released her first album last year. She is also featured on a lot of Jay Park’s songs (two of which I listed below). Her music is more indie, I find it very calming.

“Like You” MV“Your Eyes” ft. Jay Park MV“Forest”


Random Songs:

These are from groups that maybe aren’t my favorite, but I love a specific song by them.

ClC – “Hobgoblin”; Gugundam  – “A Girl Like Me”; HyunA: “Wolf” (Ft. Hanhae of Phantom), “Blacklist” (ft. LE from EXID); Seventeen: “Adore U”; Big Bang: “Bang Bang Bang”; Winner: “Really Really”; Jay Park: “All I Wanna Do” Dance Video with One Million “Me Like Yuh”; Brave Girls: “Rollin'”

If anyone ever wants to talk about Kpop or wants more suggestions, let me know cause I am always down to talk about Kpop. If you doubt that, just know that I not only talked about Kpop at a party last Friday, but I also did to a stranger at a bar on Sunday. This is why I don’t go out much.


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