A Week of Kpop Day 1: Lesser Known Kpop Groups

Part 1/7 of my week of Kpop posts. Part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

Now that finals are over, I’m going to be posting more! To kick this off, I’ve decided to write seven posts about kpop and release one each day for a week.

Today, we begin with some of my favorite lesser known kpop groups that need more fans. Kpop is a very comeptitve industry, groups often facing disbandment if they don’t get popular fast enough. Also, there are a few companies that are a lot more well known than others, so their groups usually have a little bit of an advantage starting out (ie Blackpink). As someone who’s favorite group (Bts) is very popular, I really try to promote other groups that are lesser known since I know my faves are safe(er). Plus, as with most things, some talent always ends up hidden behind what is popular and they deserve a chance to shine too.


VAV: kpop-vav-profile-members-2017-venus-comeback-1

Vav is a seven member boy group that debuted in 2015. I first saw them on the idol show “the immigration” and thought the members were funny and cute. They’ve gone through a few member changes, but now I think they all fit together well and their music is only going to improve. One of the newer members was on the Monster X survival show “No Mercy” (which I know nothing about).

“Flower (You)”“Venus (Dance with Me)”Vav on “The Immigration”


Laboum: af1dec1cb9ccb841cbce0d680dd2fc39.jpg

This group is a super cute girl group that has been around for a few years (since 2014). I watched one of their music videos with my roommate once and really enjoyed it, but that was about all I saw of them until I watched their episode on the immigration. They were super cute and funny and it encouraged me to watch more of their music videos. They just got their first win at a music show for their recent comeback, which is awesome. I hope this means they’ll become more popular in the future.

“Shooting Love”“Hwi Hwi”“Pit-a-pat”Laboum on “The Immigration”


A.C.E.: de7402da55387c6bc1c9a908a17f7e50b3844bce_hq.jpg

Ace is a recently debuted boy group that did a lot of singing and dancing covers before their debut. Their debut song is really good and the dance is awesome. They danced at One Million (which is my favorite Korean dance studio) before their debut and two of the chorographers there made the dance for their debut song. They seem to have a pretty strong fanbase for a new group, called Choice, that are really trying to get them known. I don’t know much about them, but I’ll definitely be watching out for their first comeback.

“Cactus” Debut Song“Cactus” ChoreographyDebut Stage“Playing with Fire” (Blackpink) Cover


B.I.G.: big-boys-in-groove_1455590180_af_org.jpg

Big (Boys in Grove) is a five member boy group that debuted in 2014. On their 200th day since Debut, they released their fan club name, biginning. They have promoted both in Korea and Japan. I first heard of them from the idol show “The Immigration” (I find a lot of lesser known groups on this show, if you haven’t noticed).  I’m really not sure why they aren’t more popular because their music is pretty good.

“Hello Hello”;  “1, 2, 3”“Aphrodite”BIG on “The Immigration”


Suran: Suran_Calling_In_Love_promotional_photo.png

Suran is a solo artist I first heard of when she was featured on one of Agust D’s (Suga of BTS) mixtape songs. She debuted as a part of the duo LODIA in 2014 with the stage name Elena. She also made her solo debut in 2014. She recently released a new song that was produced by Suga. I haven’t listened to a lot of her older stuff or her music from LODIA but I enjoy her newer music so I’ll be sure to listen to more of her older music soon.

“Wine/If I Get Drunk Tonight” Produced by Suga“White Bird”“So Far Away” Agust D“Paradise Go”


Let me know if there are any groups that aren’t that well known that you want to me to check out, because I love finding new groups and promoting groups that need more fans.

**Another one of my favorite groups that needs more fans is Dreamcatcher, but I talked about them in another post so I figured I wouldn’t talk about them again.



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