A Week of Kpop Day 3: Korean Idol Shows

Part 3/7 of my week of Kpop posts. Part 1, part 2, part 4, part 5, part 6, part 7

Now that finals are over, I’m going to be posting more! To kick this off, I’ve decided to write seven posts about kpop and release one each day for a week.

Idol shows are one of the best ways to get to know the members of a group better. Usually filled with questions for the members, silly challenges, and more, they’re a great way for a group to get more fans. Sometimes idol shows are competitions or just funny sketches. Either way, I love Korean tv because of how entertaining it is, and here are some of my favortie shows that have idols on them.

The Immigration: 

maxresdefaultmaxresdefault (1).jpg

This show is shorter and less well known, but it’s still very funny show that brings on idol guests. It’s a show in English with two hosts where groups come through “Immigration” in order to go to Kcon. They show off special talents and have to do funny faces in order to pass through. The hosts are super funny and I think they run the show well and are able to stay in character really well.  It normally has lesser known or rookie groups on it and I enjoy seeing groups try to speak English (as someone who spent years learning a second language I totally get this struggle). There aren’t a ton of episodes, but I hope they’ll continue producing the show.

You can find all the episodes on Youtube, with English subtitles for the parts that aren’t in English. The show airs on KSTYLE TV.

Pentagon on “The Immigration” Part 1KNK on “The Immigration”Momoland on “The Immigration”

After School Club (ASC):


Another show in English, this program usually airs once a week. It has hosts that interview groups that come on the show as guests. They have different segments and they include parts with silly games or challenges and parts where the groups can interact with their fans. I haven’t watched that many episodes of the show, but I really have enjoyed the ones that I have. Most episodes have translations of what is said in Korean if it isn’t repeated in English. The current Co-MCs are Kevin of U-Kiss, Jimin of 15&, and Jae of Day6. The show airs on Arirang TV every Tuesday.  You can watch episodes on Airrang TV, sometimes they’re on youtube.

Dreamcatcher on ASCBTS on ASCKARD on ASC


So this isn’t really a show but rather a platform for groups to put out videos. They most often do live shows, but some groups have their own “series” that they put out too. BTS, for example, has their own shows like EatJin, Hope on the Street, and their company puts out shows like BTS Run and Gayo on this site too. This is really a great way to learn more about your favorite groups. Most of the popular groups have their shows fan dubbed pretty quickly, lesser known groups usually take longer if ever. Some popular groups have plus channels that you have to pay for but offer more content than their free channels do. You can make an account and get notified whenever a channel you subscribe to goes live.

SNL Korea:


So this isn’t really a show that helps you get to know groups, but rather sometimes features idol groups on their comedy sketches. Like American SNL, this show is pretty funny and random. You can usually find skits with subs on YouTube.

The Ill Brothers Pt 1 ft. Shineeft. Jay Park and EXIDTsundere Cafe ft Taemin Pt 1;

Hit the Stage:

girls-generation-hyoyeon-hit-the-stage.jpgmaxresdefault (3).jpg

This is a show is a dance show produced by Mnet where members from groups compete to create the best dance routine to fit the theme of the week. While I think the voting system is a little unfair, the show allows idols that love dancing to get to show off their skills which they may not be able to do in their groups. They work with a choreographer of their choice and they can chose whichever genre they’d like. There is one season out right now with ten episodes, but I’m almost positive they’re making a second season. You can find the individual performances on youtube and you can watch the full episode with subs on kshow123.net. I usually like finding a stage focused version on YouTube so I can watch the full dance and not have to deal with shots of the crowd or judges.

Hoya from Infinite with One Million’s Choi Hyo JinNCT’s TenBora Tap Dancing

Let me know if there are other korean shows that feature idols that you enjoy because I’d love to start watching more now that I have more time.


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