A Week of Kpop Day 4: Favorite Disbanded Kpop Groups

Part 4/7 of my week of Kpop posts. Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 5, part 6, part 7

Now that finals are over, I’m going to be posting more! To kick this off, I’ve decided to write seven posts about Kpop and release one each day for a week.

Disbandment of a group is always sad, even if the members go on to do their own things. Groups disband for many reasons: either the members want to go their own ways, the group isn’t popular enough, contracts expire, etc. Luckily, I like a lot of newer groups so I haven’t had to face this sadness a lot (I’ll cry the day BTS disbands). However, it is inevitable. Here are some of my favorite groups that have disbanded.


4minute was one of the groups that helped bring me back119842585.jpg into Kpop (and also made me further question my sexuality). It included HyunA, who is one of my favorite solo artists. They were signed with Cube and disbanded after the other four members decided not to renew their contracts. I was pretty sad to hear about their breaking up, but knowing that HyunA was still going to make music made it better. She just recently released an EP in a co-ed project group called Triple H with two guys from label mate guy group Pentagon. I’m pretty sure the other four members have moved on to new parts of their careers, going into acting or modeling or things like that.

“Crazy”“Hate”“What’s Your Name?”


2ne1: 93c6d286c49a4ee28427dd7501b51f37.png

2ne1 was one of the groups that I knew of even before I was a big Kpop fan. Their songs were really cool and I enjoyed watching their music videos even if I didn’t listen to a lot of their stuff. I also liked CL and her solo music so I hope she’ll continue to make new music. They released a final music video titled “Goodbye” before they disbanded.

“Goodbye”“I am the Best”“The Baddest Female”“MTBD” CL Solo


Wonder Girls: 9ubTSKwq

The Wonder Girls debuted in 2007. I first looked up them up because HyunA was one of the debuting members, but she didn’t stay long. I really enjoyed their ‘Like This” video and I thought the dance was super cute so I listened to more of their music. Their comeback last year, “Why So Lonely,” had a very different sound to it, but I still really liked it. I would have liked for them to stay together, but after so many years it makes sense that they broke up.

“Why So Lonely”“Like This”“Be My Baby”


MIXX: mixx1-e1481879007711.jpg

This group wasn’t that well-known and they were pretty new when they disbanded. Three of their members were from China, and something happened with China blocking Korean entertainment so the three had to go back to China and the group disbanded. I think they could have been really popular had they had more time. Their songs are cute and get stuck in your head easily. There isn’t much information on the members, but I hope they’re able to continue on with their singing careers in their own ways.

“Love is a Sudden”“Oh Ma Mind”



I didn’t watch the show produce 101, but I mo2g4v9.jpgheard of this group after they dropped their “Very very very” music video. This group was a project group set to last for one year with the voted top 11 members from the show. I found what was really interesting was watching where these girls went once IOI was disbanded. My bias from this group, Nayoung, went to become the leader of new girl group Pristin, which I fell in love with. Mina, my bias wreaker, went on to Gugundam. I’m interested to see the group that the second season of the show produces.

“Very Very Very”“Whatta Man (Good Man)”“Knock Knock Knock”


Let me know which disbanded groups were your favorite. I know The Ark was a girl group and people were really sad when they were disbanded, but I haven’t really listened to any of their music.


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