A Week of Kpop Day 6: Kpop Dance Favorites & Covers

Part 6/7 of my week of Kpop posts. Part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 7

Now that finals are over, I’m going to be posting more! To kick this off, I’ve decided to write seven posts about Kpop and release one each day for a week.

I can’t believe this week is almost over. Anyways, Dance is a huge part of Kpop. With music videos come dance versions, dance practices, live performances, dances at 2x speed, and more from groups.



I couldn’t help but mention BTS, especially when it comes to their dancing. While I love all of their dances, the ones that always comes to mind first is Jhope’s solo dance to “Boy Meets Evil.” Jhope is the group’s lead dancer and he was an underground dancer before he joined the company and became a rapper too. He also performed this with Jimin (Jimin also does part of his solo dance for his song Lie) for Mama 2016 and it was incredible. Also BTS has some funny dance practices that are always fun to watch.

“Boy Meets Evil”Mama 2016 Performance“21st Century Girl” Dance Practice“Spring Day” Dance Practice“Fire” Dance Practice

As for dance covers, I really love East2West’s female dance covers. Their cover for 21st Century Girls is cute and really fits the silly style of the dance.


A newly debuted girl group, I mentioned them in my Big-Bang-dream-catcher_1486062687_af_org.jpgfavorites list because I was blown away by their sound. Then I watched their dance practices and I was blown away again. Their two title songs have amazing choreography and they have four dance cover practices on their channel too. They also did their song’s “Good Night” dance at 2x speed and it was incredible. Honestly, I can’t wait to see what they do next.

“Chase Me” Dance Practice; “Good Night” Dance Practice; “Good Night” Dance 2x SpeedDance Practice 1Dance Practice 2Dance Practice 3Dance Practice 4“Lucky Strike Cover”



I also mentioned this girl group in my favorites list but damn their dances are cool. They have a lot of energy and I can’t wait for their next comeback.

“Playing with Fire” Dance Practice“Boombayah” Dance Practice“Whistle” Dance Practice

I like the covers that Koreos does of their songs the most: “Whistle Cover”“Playing With Fire” Cover

One Million Dance Studio:


While they don’t do covers, they do have choreographers/teachers that create dances for idol groups (Ie Kasper for EXO, Lia Kim for Twice and IOI, etc.). And while they normally dance to songs in English, they sometimes will make routines to songs in Korean.

Choreography for Idols: “All I Wanna Do” Jay Park Dance Video“Cactus” A.C.E. Dance Practice“Fox” BoA Choreography“TT” Twice Choreography“What U Need?” Lay of EXO9 Choreography by Lia Kim

Korean Song Routines: “Think” Reddy ft Jay Park“Skip” Crush“Boys and Girls” Zico“Eureka” Zico“Daddy” PSY“Hello Bitches” CL“Me Like Yuh” Jay Park

Honorable mentions: 

“Monster” EXO: This choreo is super impressive

“Hobgoblin” CLC: This dance practice is super cute

“Don’t Wanna Cry” Seventeen: Seriously, the way they’re able to be so in sync with thirteen members is unbelieveable

“Wee Woo” Pristin: I just think this dance is cute

“Signal” Twice: The music video may be super weird, but the dance is super cute


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