Steam Summer Sale 2017 Recommendations

It’s that time of the year again! By that I mean it’s the time of year where I question how much money I can spend on video games and still be able to afford to live. It’s the steam summer sale with thousands of games on sale anywhere from 10% to 90%.

I made a post about games from the summer sale that I would recommend, and I would still recommend all of them. Before I get into a new set of recommended games, here’s the ones I recommended last time and their current prices.

Bastion (Review here); Undertale (post here); RWBY Grimm Eclipse (review here); Rocket League; Ori and the Blind Forest; Danganronpa 1 & 2 (blog here);


  1. Bioshock Series (1 and 2: $19.99 each -> $6.59 each, 67% off; 3: $29.99 -> $7.49, 75% off; entire series )


I’m not normally one for first person shooters, but these games are an exception. I really love the way these games look, how they’re challenging but not too challenging, and the story makes you want to continue playing. If you’re looking for a different kind of first person shooter, then I’d suggest this series.


  1. Pyre (Preorder $19.99 -> 17.99, 10% off)


Sadly, this game doesn’t come out until the end of July. This game is made by the same company that made Bastion and Transistor, so I’m super excited for this game. While I’m not too sure what it’ll be like, I’m trusting the company on this one and hoping this game will be as good if not better than their two previous ones. The previews look awesome.


  1. Papers Please ($9.99 -> $3.99, 60% off)

header (1)

I really like games where the choices you make affect the outcome of the game. This game has a ton of different possible endings. It’s silly but serious at the same time. It gets harder the more days that pass, but I enjoyed the challenge. It’s one of those games that I would suggest getting on sale since I’m not sure if it’s worth the normal price.


  1. Icey ($10.99 -> $8.02, 27% off)


This is a side scroller fighting game that has a very strange and a little confusing story. I really like this game because it’s challenging but it also looks cool. Icey is a fun character to play. It’s not super long and it’s worth it to play through more than once.


Honorable mentions: Portal Series, Transistor

Games I wouldn’t recommend (Maybe I’ll make a blog post on why later): Trine, Fable Anniversary

Games I’m probably going to get: Pyre (already got), ABZU, Tales of Berseria, Salt


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