End of the Year Kpop Review Part 2

Part two of my end of the year Kpop review! This time I want to talk about my favorite comebacks of the year. It was really hard to pick a top few but I did my best! I tried to pick comebacks where I not only liked the title tracks but also most of the songs on the album. There were way too many comebacks and I wish I could have talked about them all. I also didn’t talk about groups that debuted in 2017 that I talked about in the last post so I could have a chance to talk about other groups.

As with the last post, I tried to include a lot of links to everything so it’s easy for everyone to find the videos I’m talking about.

  1. BTS – You Never Walk Alone  BTS_You_Never_Walk_Alone.png

Title track: Spring Day. Promoted Song: Not Today.

If you’ve read my other posts about Kpop, you’d know that BTS is my favorite group. While I loved their recent DNA and Mic Drop comeback, the repackage of their Wings album is my favorite album and comeback that BTS has done. Not only including their solo songs that they helped write themselves, this repackage comes with my favorite Cypher that the rap line has done. I’m going to keep this one short since I could talk about BTS for years but this album is my favorite and it’s incredible.

    2. Seventeen – Al1 

Title track: Don’t Wanna Cry. Promoted song: Crazy in Love

Similar to BTS, I loved Seventeen’s recent comeback Clap with the album TeenAge, but


the A1 comeback is my favorite that Seventeen has done so far. Don’t Wanna Cry is a song that made me cry after I read a translation of the lyrics. The dance is amazing, the video is beautiful, and they all look incredible. This was another group I saw at KCON LA this year and their performance of this song was probably my favorite out of the entire two nights of concerts. This album also has a song from just China Line, My I, and the dance for it is amazing and I love it, especially since Minghao is my bias and China line does not get many lines, plus they released it in Chinese too which made me really happy.

    3. Day6 Every Day6 Project Pt 2 Moonrise 

Title Track: I Like You.

I know that I am listing my top three groups first in this and that this kind of counts of Moonrise_(Day6_album)-cover.jpgone long continuous comeback. Anyways, the monthly release of two songs by this KBand was incredible and I was never disappointed (besides the story in the music videos that we never really found out the ending to but that’s a different story. My favorite monthly release was in March with the song How Can I Say (aka way to describe my last relationship guys), which is my favorite song by them. Technically it was on the first part of the project, the album Sunrise, but oh well. I actually just got their album Moonrise today in the mail, which has songs from the 2nd half of the Every Day6 Project along with new songs. Also, they did this sing-along guide for their live performances and it’s adorable.

    4. Red Velvet – Perfect Velvet

Title Track: Peek-A-Boo. Promoted Song: Look 

I am obsessed with this song. I loved the music video (who wouldn’t want to be in a man


killing girl group?) and this concept of their velvet side. I have been a casual fan of Red Velvet, but never a huge fan, my roommate has always been a bigger fan. I haven’t ever listened to their other songs besides their title tracks but I listened to the full album for this comeback and I really liked a lot of the songs on it. I hope that they will do more of their velvet side after this since it was popular this time.

    5. Heize – /// (You Are Cloudy)

Title Track: Don’t Know You

I actually didn’t know Heize until I went to KCON LA this year and went to her high 268x0w (1).jpgtouch. She is really adorable and cute so I listened to her music and fell in love. Seeing her perform Don’t Know You live was incredible. It wasn’t until later on that I listened to the whole album but I love every song on this album. I really like that she is both a singer and a rapper and that her songs have a particular style that I love. I also loved the song she did with Groovyroom and Jay Park, Sunday, this year too and I can’t wait to see what she does next year.

6. Bolbbalgan4Red Diary Page Page 1

268x0w (2).jpg

Title Track: Some. Promoted: Fix Me

I found this group by accident but I quickly fell in love with their music. I love every song on this album. They are different than the music I usually listen to since I don’t really listen to slower guitar songs but I play these songs on repeat all the time. I also really loved their other albums but I added this one since it was their most recent one and that was how I found them.


Honorable mentions: Astro – Baby and Crazy Sexy Cool, EXID – DDD, Victon – Unbelievable, Twice – (All of them honestly) Knock KnockSignal, Likey, and Heart Shaker, Mamamoo – Yes I Am, EXO – Ko Ko Bop, CLC – Hobgoblin, Pentagon – Critical Beauty, and Runaway, Got7 – Never Ever, Taemin – Move, Playback – Want You To Say,  Sunmi – Gashina, Winner – Island, Hotshot – Jelly, VAV – She’s Mine, Sonamoo – I (Knew It).

I know I probably missed some but these are some of my faves for the year! Can’t wait to see what happens next year!


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