About Me

Welcome! You can call me Rea. I am female, queer, an intersectional feminist, and a nerdy individual. I am a 4rd year English major, Spanish minor at Saint Mary’s College of CA. I am 21-year old who grew up in a small town in northern California. I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain fall of 2016 and I talk about it a lot.


I love Pokemon, cosplaying, video games, anime, Korean drama, Kpop, writing, books, researching; really I’m down for most things people consider nerdy. My hair normally changes color at least once every two months (it’s red with blue and purple tips right now). I would much rather spend my day cuddled up with my cats writing than out in public.

Really, this blog is going to be whatever I feel like writing. I need to do it more, and I like starting conversations and sparking ideas. I will talk about nerdy things, but I will also talk about more serious things like my mental illnesses and queerness. Be prepared for a lot of different and random posts, but really that’s just a representation of my scattered self.

If you don’t like something I have to say, let’s have a conversation about it. Not an argument, but an open-minded conversation. I love respectful discussions.

Contact me at: rschott18@gmail.com. Follow me on Twitter here if you want even more random, but shorter, thoughts of mine.


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